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Legal Perspective Information Sheet as of 18 June 2021, Permanent Mission of Myanmar, New York


The purpose of publishing this information sheet is to increase the awareness of people over the Crimes Against Humanity committed by the military junta terrorists on a daily basis and to keep record of their brutal acts for future reference and proceedings. Committed crimes are selectively stated in this information sheet due to space limitations.

Arbitrary Detentions and Enforced Disappearance

As the terrorists junta in Myanmar continue to arrest and shoot at unarmed civilians baselessly and unlawfully, one university student named Maung Chit Thae was shot dead on the scene while passing through the front of Yenangyaung Government Technical Institute (GTI) on 10th of June, 2021, and another man was shot twice at his chest and eventually died on the spot when help pushing a pick-up truck. On the next day, a man was shot dead while bringing food back to his village from a displaced camp in Demoso Towndship in Kayah State.

Besides, a photographer and a filmmaker were arrested at home and while leaving their houses respectively. On 11th June, an Obstetrician-Gynecologist from Myingyan Hospital was also arrested. But most of all, the military junta has also been arresting lawyers in Karen State, especially if they found out lawyers tried to represent political detainees. In an instant case, two lawyers representing the Karen State Chief Minister Nan Khin Htwe Myint were filled for a lawsuit under Section 505(a) of the Penal Code. Adding their atrocities, terrorists junta have also been arresting people charged under Section 505(a) of the Penal Code, including monks and disabled person.

Systemic and targeted attacks on the civilians

On evening of 14th June, 2021, a man named Aung San from the Boke Village in Depayin Township was shot dead in the chest, and the village also suffered from the open fires of the terrorist junta. Their actions mainly came after the incident when the two daughters of a coup council-appointed village Administrator in Kyi Village, Depayin Township were stabbed to death.

The heaviest destruction took place on 15th June in Kingma Village, Magway Region. As the village was almost completely burnt down by the forces of the terrorist junta, many villagers, including elderly, ninety children under the age of 5 and 27 breastfeeding babies, people suffering from pre-existing severe health conditions, either had to flee or hide in the forests. They are all now in desperate need for medical supplies and other household supplies as basic household goods were destroyed along with the fire set by the junta forces.

It is clear from both incidents in Depayin and Kingma that the actions of the terrorists consists a sense of retaliation for their losses and casualties during the clashes with the people. They have never been help maintaining peace in the country since the beginning, but instead, creating more instabilities and damages to its own people. The widespread and systematic murdering of the civilian population in Myanmar by the military shows no signs of stopping. In fact, it is evident that attacks against peaceful protesters across Myanmar have progressively intensified.

State sponsored crimes

A full-blown conflict was developed in Kanbalu Township, Sagaing Region when USDP, armed members of the military junta, openly carried guns, sticks and knives kinds of harmful and life threatening weapons to the NLD party’s office in Yi Dway village. According to the local sources, houses of pro-NLD were destroyed under fire, and polices responsible for the region have not been taking any effective measures or searching for perpetrators.

Violations on Freedom of Speech and Fundamental Human Rights

Up to this date, the inhumane terrorist junta has not only been committing atrocities, but also sentencing youths and reporters to imprisonment. On 16th June, 2021, a university student from Magway University was sentenced to 3-year imprisonment with hard labour, and a freelance reporter also faced the same sentence under Section 505(a) of the Penal Code. According to the local sources, many young student activists including Wai Yan Phyo Moe, Aung Hpone Maw, Lay Pyay Soe Moe, Thuta Soe, and Hpone Htet Naung are now facing charges of incitement under Section 505(a) simply because of their participation in the anti-coup protests. In addition, they have been seriously mistreated in the prisons. Based on the sayings of their relatives, unlike political prisoners, these groups of students and reporters are mistreated as criminals, being drained mentally and physically.

U Lwin Maung Maung, who would have represented the Meiktila Constituency 1 if not for the military coup which took place on February 1, 2021, was arrested on Aril 28th, 2021. He is now sentenced to three years imprisonment by the terrorist junta. During his detention, it was said that his family members were barred from visiting him in the prison located in Meiktila, and latest supplies for him were made on last May 12th, 2021. While detaining of this lawmaker found no legal basis, the terrorist junta even failed to state the charges against U Lwin Maung Maung and yet, put him into prison. When media outlets contacted the terrorist junta’s information department for detailed explanation and comment, no single response were made by the junta.

The Myanmar military is violating fundamental and peremptory norms of international law on a daily basis. In carrying out these atrocities, the military’s conduct confirms that it does not and has no intention of abiding by its international law obligations. Though, United Nations and International organizations call Myanmar military for end of violence and immediate release of the political prisoners, the junta always fails to listen and respect accordingly. In this case, only a proper collaborative and immediate international intervention can save the lives of innocent civilians in Myanmar.

Ref : Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP) : Myanmar Now


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