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Weekly Updates on Current Situation in Myanmar (27 June 2021)

Weekly Updates on Current Situation in Myanmar


Deaths and Arbitrary Arrests

As of June 27, 2021, according to the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP), a total of 6,380 people has been arrested, whereas 5,183 people are still under detention, 1,966 people been issued warrants, and 883 people ruthlessly murdered by the military since February 1, 2021, when the military unleashed systematic and targeted attacks and violence against innocent civilians.

147 days have passed since the coup; the military terrorist group continues committing its inhumane acts and arbitrary arrests against the civilians.

Military’s Vicious Acts

Violent Crackdowns continue: In Singu Township, Mandalay region, on June 21, a groom-to-be, Ko Kyaw Kyaw Moe, was shot and killed instantly by the military forces while he went out with a friend to send out his wedding invitations. His wedding tragically turned into a funeral. Many reports stated that young men who refused to stop their motorcycles were shot dead in Mawlamyine township, Mon state.

A shootout in Myanmar’s second-biggest city, Mandalay: In the morning of June 22, the gunfire began. The first time that clashed erupted in a big town, Mandalay in Myanmar, between the military and a group founded by the people to protect their own lives and property. In the aftermath, local news media reported that there were two deaths from the military, and six group members got arrested. The soldiers unleashing firepower on unarmed bystanders and the use of rocket-propelled grenades were recorded on social media. Foreign missions of the US, Canada, French, the Netherlands, Italy issued statements expressing concerns over casualties of unarmed civilians and warning against an escalation of violence.

It is learned that soldiers patrolled the hospitals in Mandalay to capture any wounded members who might be brought in for treatment. There have been many medical workers who have been jailed for giving medicine to the injured. Such an act is a grave breach of customary international law of war. Medical workers are to be protected in all circumstances. However, the junta forces willfully arrested them.

Raided village: The State Administration Council (SAC) continues committing further atrocities amounting to crimes against humanity. On June 23, the military raided Shweooya village in Shwebo district, which is the birthplace of prominent anti-coup protester Dr. Tayzar Zan. During the attack, the military assaulted many locals and killed one person. The intention is to arrest Dr. Tay Zar San. It has long been the military’s horrible tactics to hurt everyone around those actively involved in anti-coup campaigns.

Raided entities: The military raided the National League for Democracy office in Pale township, Sagaing region, on June 26. Also, the Karuna Youth Organization office, the civil society organization in the Ayeyarwady region, was raided, and military soldiers took medical and emergency supplies donated by the people.

Civilians were shot dead while doing daily activities: A 27-year-old man was shot dead on June 23 when he was on his way returning home from the tea shop just because he refused to stop at the order of armed forces. Night raids, arbitrary arrests, sieges of townships and neighborhoods, torture, and deaths in detention have become an alarming feature of the daily life of Myanmar people. They do not know when they, too will become a victim.

In Lal Zin village of Monywa township, more than eight houses were destroyed, and properties were looted. All the locals had to flee, and one 24-year-old young man had died previously in custody on June 21.

A 24-year-old man named Salai Vum Za Lian was shot dead by armed forces in Falam township, Chin state, on June 24. Furthermore, in Pwint Phyu township, Magway region, five more civilians were arbitrarily arrested by the forces on June 25. The military continues committing atrocities with no humanity.

A 4-year-old child has been jailed for two weeks: The inhumane acts committed by the military are never-ending. It has been reported that in Mogok township of Shan state, the military has arrested a 4-year-old child along with the mother for more than two weeks. As the soldiers couldn’t find the leader of the resistance campaign, they decided to capture the mother and the child. It was the cause of the arrest, and apparently, the mother and the child both had done nothing wrong. A 4-year-old child has been jailed. The brutality and inhumane of the military are reasons why the people of Myanmar are so resistant to the military rule and the coup.

Arbitrary Arrests to those who have joined CDM

The military continues arresting and assaulting those who have joined Civil Disobedience Movement and refused to work for the military junta. It has been reported that the soldiers have been searching for the father of two police brothers who had initially joined CDM in February. One CDM teacher from the Bago region was arrested on June 25. And two CDM police were reported to have been arrested on June 26 from their hiding place.

Continued peaceful protests against the coup

The military’s intimidating attacks and use of arms do not stop the peaceful protests against the coup. The calls for the military to relinquish power, restore the democratically elected government, release those detained, and refrain from violence have been mounting loud and clear. People are sacrificing their lives to stand in opposition to the coup. From Hapkant in Kachin state to Dawei in the Taninthayi region, protesters were seen marching, rejecting the coup, and called for the restoration of democracy.

COVID-19 is surging in Myanmar

The arrival of the new variant of Covid-19 is developing into a humanitarian disaster. Over the past two weeks, this new variant is detected in cities across the nation. In Yangon alone, more than 600 COVID-19 cases were reported. According to WHO, in Myanmar, as of June 25, 2021, there have been 150,714 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 3,275 deaths.

The virus testing has collapsed since the coup on February 1. The World Health Organization and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) have warned of the growing outbreak. The former head of the vaccination program, Dr. Htar Htar Lin, was arrested on June 10 with the accusation of working with the National United Government (NUG). Furthermore, more doctors have been detained.

Released American journalist said Myanmar military using torture to extract information from detainees.

CNN interviewed the American journalist Nathan Maung, who was detained for more than three months in Myanmar before being deported to the United States on June 15. In the report, he said that the military has been using torture to extract information from detainees on the locations of senior opposition leaders and activist leaders. For three months, he endured two weeks in a secretive military-run interrogation center.

Another American journalist Danny Fenster remains in detention. There is no known information about whether he is being tortured or not. The junta still had not stated reasons for detaining him. The military forces have widely committed torture against detainees. Agents of the Myanmar military have inflicted such incalculable emotional and physical harm upon those who yearned for democracy. The international community must uphold the moral responsibility to protect those who fought for human rights, democracy, and freedom.

International Pressure on the Illegitimate Military Group

On June 27, United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Sexual Violence in Conflict, Pramila Patten, strongly condemned the Myanmar military’s widespread and systematic attacks against civilians, especially women and children.


Date: 27 June 2021

Permanent Mission of Myanmar, New York


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